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Saturday, January 21, 2006

What's next?

If you missed the opening last night for Friends and Strangers, you missed a good time: a vast array of Donut Dip, a dj set from Josh Vrysen that would make wizards cry and great company. We will have photos up soon, so you can see for yourself. But don't be sad. The show will now be up until Saturday, March 4th.

Here's a little more info about the show:

Some of the art has travelled from such exotic lands as Portland, Virginia, Chicago and New York. Some of it has been secretly slaved over by your very own neighbors. Prepare to be penetrated by a rainbow ricochet of virtuosity as you travel through our long, narrow hall of otherworldly objets d'art. Here be gnomes, minotaurs, a cloth panoply spun of dreams, enchanted swamps and vultures tormented by the Holograph.

Friends and Strangers:
Andrew Bieker, Chase Carlisle, Luke J. Cavagnac, Brantner DeAtley, Stephen St. Francis Decky, Erik Ullanderson, Martin Ontiveros, Shoshana Phillips, Bunny Pillow, Courtney Raiph, Kevin Scalzo, Joseph Segal, Special Favorite, Bwana Spoons, Chris Stoddard, Crystal Stokowski, Joshua Vrysen and Wayne Zink.

We had to extend the show to March 4th, because we will be scoping out the Tokyo scene from February 17th-24th and who wants to hang a show while recovering from serious jetlag? The store and gallery will still be open normal hours. But our gallery show schedule has to change yet again. So, as of now, here is the new show schedule!

  • Friends and Strangers (1/20/06-3/04/06)
  • Hairanoia (3/09/06-4/08/06)
  • Animal Magic (4/13/06-5/13/06)
  • Boys and Girls (5/20/06-6/17/06)
  • Supersecret Summerfun Operation (Summer 2006)
  • Quilt Show (Fall or Winter 2006)

Thursday, March 9th, mark your calendars for the opening of Hairanoia! A group show totally obsessed with hair. You might just leave still wearing your bedazzled fake mustache, come home with a charm-heavy hair wrap or at least with a bad case of Hairanoia!

Thursday, April 13th, come experience Animal Magic. This show is a collection of gently plucked pieces from various regions, celebrating the Romantic, otherworldly, mystical and magical symbolism and presence of animals.

Douglas Anson will be guest curating Boys and Girls, opening Saturday, May 20th. A fair mix of boys and girls from all over America and Tokyo will flood our gallery with video, sculpture, music, objects, handmade clothing, works on canvas and paper and "products." The opening night will consist of a number of live performances. Douglas says the show is "a springtime coming together of people doing great work with playful, boy/girl energy." So come out in May and welcome in the spring with an international art blast of fun.

You can't even handle what we have planned for the summer...but it's gonna be big.

Stay tuned towards the end of the year, when we'll be hanging quilts hand-stitched by friends like Diane Cluck, Hanna Fushihara, Seth Faergolzia, and Crystal Stokowski.


  • At 1:22 AM, Blogger starbender said…

    Aminal Magic sounds interesting!

  • At 9:39 PM, Blogger TipsyDesigns said…

    Peanut Gallery! Yeah!! Sounds like a great start to a new gallery.
    Would have liked to been there but I live too far away. I hope to see here pics of the


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