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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Did You Know?

The phrase peanut gallery dates back to the early 20th century in America, referring to the least expensive section in the rear of a theatre. The same seats in British theatres were (and still are) often called the gods because you were so high you seemed to be halfway to heaven. The patrons in the peanut gallery, often of the lower classes, were known for a strong sense of community, a penchant for heckling, and the use of peanuts as missiles to express their distaste of the entertainment. By extension, the term is used, often humorously, to refer to any noisy, disorderly, or belligerent persons attending a presentation, lecture, or other event with an audience. start content In the 1950's, the Howdy Doody show adopted the name to represent their audience of 40 kids. A website is dedicated to reuniting those who appeared in the gallery, on the show: The Peanut Gallery
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