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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some Art

Here's a sample of some pieces from the "Animal Magic" show. Stop by Peanut between 5-8pm on Saturday, May 6th during Eastworks Gallery Night. Or during the Spring Festival from 10-4 to check out our trove of artist-made treasures.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Eastworks Gallery Night
Saturday, May 6, 5-7pm
Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA

Spend the evening hopping between seven galleries under one roof. The following Eastworks galleries will be hosting solo and group shows featuring paintings, sculpture, video, audio, soft goods design, printmaking, drawing and mixed media work produced by local, national and international artists.

Suite 146 Peanut Gallery, "Animal Magic"
Suite 206 Invisible Fountain, "Be There or Be Square"
Suite 246 Red Horse Press, "The Member Show"
Suite 248 Traveling Shoes Studio: Kathleen Trestka, "Recent Mixed Media Drawings and Paintings"
Suite 250 Two Five Oh!: Sean Greene and Kathranne Brown, "Recent Works"
Suite 252 Denis Luzuriaga, David Poppie, Matthew Johnson, "Paintings & Sculpture"
Suite 256 Grey Garden Studio: Justin Brown, "Exploring Self-Works in Progress"

Monday, April 17, 2006

Animal Magic opening

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

!Animal Magic opens 4/13!

Hairanoia closes this Saturday, April 8th. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, stop by this week. (Hours: M-F 10-6, Sat 10-4)

Next Thursday, April 13th, our new show, Animal Magic opens! The opening will take place Thursday night from 6-8pm. Animal Magic will also be open until 8pm on Saturday, May 6th for Eastworks Gallery Night.
From 5-8pm, seven different Eastworks galleries will be exhibiting new work. Animal Magic will end May 27th. An off-site closing performance featuring Jason Martin's Evolution Revolution, Tumblecat Poof Poofy Poof and other animal sounds is in the works. More info coming soon.

Animal Magic is a group show featuring work by Joseph Segal, Roland Lusk, Seth Scriver, Bwana Spoons, Joshua Vrysen, Jessica Williams, Diane Cluck, Jamie Mohr, Michele Bond, Shaun Kessler, Courtney Raiph, Chase Carlisle, Beverly Shana Palmer, Jesse Clark, Jesse Goldstein, Kristen Lupoli and Jason Martin.

While at least two animal focused group art shows have taken place in Western Massachusetts over the last year (Becoming Animal at MASS MoCA last spring and very recently, Animal Kingdom at W. M. Baczek Fine Arts) the artists in Animal Magic have a very different vision to share with you. While most of the artists in Becoming Animal looked with fear towards a dystopian future where the gap between animals and humans would diminish in the military, scientific and technological realms, the artists of Animal Magic earnestly preserve a primitive, often shamanistic world where animals maintain their integrity and mystique. Bwana Spoons looks to the past and resurrects a woolly mammoth walking through an enchanted land of blossom crystals. Jason Martin, a man who dons a wolf mask and tail when performing with his band Evolution Revolution, presents his personal mythology, a mix of ancient Egyptian magic, totemism and furry fandom, in a well-researched book and CD. He begs his audience to "find their tail" and use their animal spirit to "smash the state."

Unlike many of their self-conscious contemporaries, the artists exhibiting in Animal Magic are not inhibited by the anthropomorphobic need to eschew sincerity and emotion when discussing animals. While many postmodern artists see an impending technocracy under which animals will be assimilated further into the human kingdom and humans will lose the qualities that distinguish them from beasts, the artists in Animal Magic conjure these beasts to help us find what we have already lost.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

!Big Peanut Update!

March 9th, lots of fun folks came out and partied arty at the Hairanoia opening. Kevin Pelrine snipped and catalogued the locks of guests on the spot. The specimens can be viewed in his Hair Sample Rack for the duration of the show. The last day of Hairanoia is April 8th. Lucky for you, Peanut is now open six days a week!

New Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-4

The list is in for Animal Magic, our next show, opening April 13th. Expect wild things from: Michele Bond, Chase Carlisle, Jessie Clark, Diane Cluck, Alex DaCorte, Shaun Kessler, Roland Lusk, Jason Martin, Jamie Mohr, Beverly Shana Palmer, Courtney Raiph, Seth Scriver, Joseph Segal, Bwana Spoons, Joshua Vrysen and Jessica Williams.

We've also been getting lots of great new stuff in the store and now is the best time to scope it all out because

everything in the store is 25% off

The sale will run through Saturday, March 25th.

You can pick up the Salvor owl pillow you've had your eyes on. Get a great deal on a new 2K T-Shirt designed by Min Kim, Alex Rich, Chinatsu Ban, Geoff McFetridge or Guillaume Wolf. The two new Basquiat designs come in kids' sizes! Other new products include Marimekko designs, books for children and crafting, notions (ribbons, patches and buttons), new Egg + Avocado designs (onesies, T's and pants), vintage-inspired stationary and journals, authentic Russian nesting dolls and jewelry, MP tights in adult and kid sizes, Little Raggio shoes and urban children's fashions selected from the Spring 2006 collection of Ashor's Room. Below are some examples of our new Ashor's Room selection.

If you are far from Western Massachusetts, you can still buy many of these items from the Home and Gifts section on the Reprodepot website. All clothing and tees are currently 30% off when purchased online! Peanut will have everything available for sale on its own website soon.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


"Hairanoia!" @ Peanut Gallery

Opening Thursday night!

A fun, group show with a slightly unhealthy fixation on hair.

Artists: Marc Bell (Vancouver), Ben Jones, Dennis Tyfus (Belgium),
Beverly Shana Palmer, George Myers, Bwana Spoons (Portland), Stephen
St. Francis Decky, Erik Ullanderson (Chicago), Dan Cashman, Bill Nace,
Kristen Lupoli, Brantner DeAtley, Shana Philips, Jamie Mohr
(Albany), Martin Ontiveros (Portland), Kevin Pelrine and Seth

Media includes works on paper and canvas, painting installation on the
wall, photography, wearable art, video and hair.

Peanut Gallery
Suite 146, 116 Pleasant St
Eastworks Building
Easthampton, MA 01027

Opening Reception: 3/9/06, 6-8pm
Show dates: 3/9/06-4/8/06
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11am-6pm

More hairy works by Brantner DeAtley here.